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Travaux acrobatiques et d'accès difficles

We offer a wide range of high-tech interventions in public works and prevention of natural hazards




Acrobat X is a company that offers a wide range of high-tech interventions in public works, civil engineering and prevention of natural hazards. The company carries out cliff stabilization and mining works. It also implements protections against rock falls, mudslides and avalanches.


Examples of works : rock fall catch barriers, embankments, drains, mining, wall reinforcements, supports, anchorages, protection nets and fences, nailed walls, shotcretes, explosive reshaping...


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Acrobatic and rope access glossary :

Cliff stabilization : Type of acrobatic works performed when natural risks of rock falls occur. Protection technique for cliffs by nailing, wire netting, tecco and installation of rockfall catch barriers... read more

Rope access worker : The rope access worker is a multi-task technician who has received extensive training in building, aerial works and securing of height interventions. The rope access worker is also called a construction... read more

Prevention of natural hazards : A natural hazard refers to the risk of exposure to natural disasters or to construction hazards in relation to unanticipated natural unknowns. The natural risk... read more

Shotcrete : Shotcrete is concrete which is propelled after being mixed dry or wet on a base, by spraying on successive layers. It allows for very complex shapes such as domes or shells, for example. It is often used in rope access works and/or underground works... read more

Construction climber : the mountain climber is an athlete who practices high altitude climbing using various progression techniques. In acrobatic and rope access works, we often call them construction climbers... read more

Industry : Industry refers to the set of economic activities which produce material goods through the processing and implementation of raw materials. Acrobat X performs various works on buildings, steel structures, silos, towers, wind turbines, refineries, flares and dams for industrial more

Acrobatic and rope access works :

Acrobatic works Acrobatic or rope access works refer to all types of works, whether at height or subaquatic, which are performed by rope access technicians or building professionals from the public works, civil engineering or industry sector. Examples of rope access works: securing cliffs, works on rock falls protection, reinforcement of retaining walls or rock walls, reshaping and cable laying... read more

Control authority : The control authority or client is the instructing party (government, community, business…) for whom the acrobatic and aerial rope access works are performed... read more

Technical supervision of the construction The technical supervision of the construction helps to prevent the technical unanticipated hazards which are likely to cause accidents during acrobatic and rope access works or during all types of constructions works, and to verify compliance to the construction regulations... read more

Works foreman : The works foreman is the head of the construction site. The works foreman is generally assisted by worksite managers and by specialized consultants such as coordinators or engineers for example... read more

Engineering structure : An engineering structure refers to a public works construction linked either to communication circuits (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, navigation locks…) or to the protection against earth and/or water action (retaining walls, gabions, piers…) or to water impoundment (dams, dikes…) read more

Last references / clients :

Cliff stabilization (CG 13) : Municipality of Chateaudouble PR 23+100 to PR 23+ 400 - Cliff stabilization, fence laying, installing of high resistance tecco metallic nets, anchorages, mining, mechanical reshaping... read more

Completion nailed walls (DIRM) : wall nailing for the creation of a roundabout on RD806/RD42, mechanical reshaping, excavation, drilling, anchorages, nailed walls, shotcretes. read more

Retaining walls (CG 84) : Restoration of the retaining walls PR 0 +200 to PR 0 +300. Excavation, road works, drilling, anchoring, nailed walls, shotcrete. read more

Installation of fences (Chabeuil 26) : Church carpark. Securing the cliff through the installation of fences. Clearing, draining, drilling, anchoring, anchored wire netting lined with rubble catch barrier nets. read more

Works on rock falls protection (CG 05) : Works on rock falls protection. Dismantling of existing protections, draining, mining, anchorage drillings, laying of cable nets and block protection barriers, hanged wire netting on poles, transport by helicopter. read more




Acrobatic and rope access works glossary:Acrobatic works / Aerial works / Carcass work / Civil Engineering / Cliff stabilization / Construction climber / Construction and Public Works / Control authority / Engineer specialized in contaminated soil and sites / Engineering structure / Geotechnical engineer / Industry / Light work / Masonry / Metalworking / Natural hazards / Prevention of natural hazards / Public works / Rope access worker / Shotcrete / Surveys / Technical supervision of the construction / Works foreman



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